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Saturday, May 18, 2013



Fascinating. I discovered Rootwork last night via the Jayisgames review, and it appears to have temporarily taken over my life (minus breaks to catch up on the FAQ/blog, submit a rave review on the App Store, and get some actual work done). Really appreciate the background on how it came to be.

I'm currently wrestling with myself over my relationship with that damn She card...just as you hoped.

Rob Eiben

We're so glad you enjoyed the game! You're right, I wanted you to struggle with whether to take the short-term gain or avoid the long-term pain. If you enjoy the game, please write a review in the App Store. Thanks!


Already did (see above)! Thanks for the great game.

She has now been mostly banished from my hand...mostly...


I have already left a well-deserved comment in the app store. BTW, for the first time I realize the value of distributors, and I am sure you realize this even more. You deserve much better coverage. (Delete the comment about distributors if you like.)

So here is the real reason for my comment, because this is driving me crazy: Are there any puzzles past the order puzzle? I have solved that (it took forever, but I was sick), and have achieved all achievements except 250 and 1,000 escapes (though 250 will come soon). The only reason I ask is because of the way the 'secrets' journal is set up. (Why put 2 entries for puzzles, if there is only 1 puzzle?)

So much talent was poured into this game, I do hope it does well. And I am glad you gave your lead actress a full credit - she deserves it.

Rob Eiben

There are currently no puzzles beyond the order puzzle, but I wanted to leave room for adding puzzles in the future, which is why the Notebook is set up that way. Good eye. You have pretty much completed the game! Congratulations! The 250 and 1000 win achievements were placed there for completionists, since they love that sort of thing.


what? you only respond to the top Subject? i posted this a week and a half ago under We're Live and there it sat, unanswered!

"hi rob - if one has purchased the IAP and does need to uninstall/reinstall, do you have confidence the Restore Purchase feature will/does work?


Rob Eiben

Sorry I missed you. Yes, the Restore functionality of the IAP works. However, if you uninstall/reinstall you will lose your Achievements. Purchasing the IAP allows you to have the cards unlocked without the corresponding achievements, however, so this should not affect the IAP cards.

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