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Wednesday, May 08, 2013



Hi, this game looks and sounds pretty interesting. I've not yet downloaded it, but I'll eventually do so over the weekend probably.

A question: So, the She card you're talking about permanently weakens the character? That means in every future game he'll be weaker, too? Or just during the "campaign" (if there is such a thing) or the playthrough you're doing right now. Maybe this is just unclear to me because I've not played yet, but I hope for some clarification.

Thanks! :)

Rob Eiben

Yes, the loss in Courage will effect every game you play from that point on. The only way to recover your character is to uninstall/reinstall, which will also erase your achievements.


hi rob - if one has purchased the IAP and does need to uninstall/reinstall, do you have confidence the Restore Purchase feature will/does work?


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